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Bouncing into Spring...

It seems so long ago since I've posted! So much has happened in between Fall, it looks like I skipped a whole season! My vintage had some downtime around Christmas holidays as my family and myself jetted back to Australia for 3 weeks. We returned back to the US in January and then I commenced a new job in San Francisco so it's been full steam ahead in 2017. No longer in San Jose, we moved to East Bay Alameda and the island I say definitely suits my style down to a tee.

So my first post of the year is to welcome in some good vibes with green for St Patricks day and also show off some cute things for vintage Spring 2017!

Spring17 Green delights

The Bay area had a ridiculous amount of rain over winter and it looks like California is finally out of it's drought. So to celebrate (with some greenery), there is plenty of warm sunny days on their way and what better way to spend one, in a pretty vintage frock. Not only is there a variety of sleeveless styles but I have managed to find a number of dresses which are cotton, with metal zippers from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and most in perfect condition. Cotton is such a durable long lasting textile which can be layered and easily laudnered. The other "big thing" for Spring is the return of the pretty vintage scarf! Wear around your neck on a day with some brisk breeze or wrap around your head for the ultimate 1950's Sophia Lauren look. Here is just one of the cute scarfs which is coming to my Etsy and Whurl stores.

Gaelic vintage 70s scarf

Finally, and if you have't noticed, this post is all about the fertile color green. With Spring comes growth and warmth. I am so ready for some Summer sun and fun outings. It's St Pat's day this week so I thought I would throw together some of the styles in my inventory which are rich in luck. So many beautiful green hues and tones. I hope all my readers had a fabulous welcome to 2017 and stay tuned for more pretty amazing Spring items which I will be blogging about in weeks to come.

Pretty embroidered 60s cardigan