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Fall follies

The cooler weather brings about a sense of excitement when it comes to seasonal fashion changes. Its the time where most of us start to prepare for the winter months and think about the fabulous new styles in knitwear and coats which hit online stores for us to add to our wardrobes!

This fall/winter is especially exciting, because denim is a popular fashion staple and it is one of my all time FAVOURITE things to wear. Whether it be a great pair of high waist mom jeans, the trusty denim jacket or cute denim pinafore dress, 2016 denim has made a HUGE comeback in particu, the rockin' 90's. Cropped tops, plaid and flannel shirts, grungy strappy dresses, unique embroidered bomber jackets and the trusty black neck choker are popular amongst the 18-30 age group.

Many are perplexed that the 90's are now considered "vintage" (it is usually any era older than 20 years which fits the vintage category!) and in truth, sometimes that makes me feel really old haha. Slouchy 80's knitwear and 90's hip hop/puffer jackets and anything loose fitting, are here with the great 90's revival. Bright colours and daggy patterns make for even more hipster looks. Vintage 70's velvet blazers together with some mom jeans and a cropped tee also groovy look.

Cooler weather has popularised footwear too. Where a snazzy pair of oxfords teamed up with a cute vintage fall dress and tights usually does the trick, a current trend seeming popular with the mom jean phase is the revival of sneakers. Team a classic pair of Adidas white shell toes with some cuffed rolled up mom jeans or a grungy pair of high top Chuck Taylor Converse with some stone wash wide leg jeans, and you have an instant hip outfit for every day wear. I live in Silicon Valley and this look is widely popular amongst many working professionals. Team up a casual tee with a vintage blazer and some clean looking sneakers, you have yourself a real hipster preppy look.

I love the resurgence of velvet. Jackets and dresses have made their way back into 2016 Fall/winter fashion runways. I managed to source an assortment of great coloured velvet blazers and jackets. They aren't as bulky as denim and can add a touch of vintage style to almost any outfit.

Finally, the cowboy boot. The ones I source are all leather and mainly made here in the US Mexico or Brazil. The more unusual, the better. Justin brand do a great vintage boot which is plainer than the embroidered leg styles you find. Cowboy boots can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, pretty dresses. And if you find that one vintage pair that fit like a glove, then they are super comfortable to wear every day!