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Denim desitination

If you had asked me 10 months ago when I set-up my Depop shop using their app, if it would be a success, I wouldn't have known what to tell you. Since moving abroad to the US, it seems that with now every young teen and adult owning a mobile device, the insatiable need to have instant access to shop where ever and whenever you want has become the 'in thing'. There are now over 3 million active Depop users worldwide buying and selling their second hand items. Some items are handmade and specially designed too so it's a great place to pick up the more unusual fashion if you are into that kind of thing.

I started with around 10 pairs of vintage Wrangler and Levis denim a few months back and thought it would be reasonable to retail these at around $25USD per pair. Well they sold like hotcakes and now I've found my little niche using the Depop app. It's mainly the young 18-30yr age group chasing the likes of vintage denim. With Summer approaching, many will most likely cut up the jeans into frayed festival shorts.

Lee denim skirt

I managed to track down as well some gorgeous little denim skirts. A mix of 80's and 90's stonewash denim mini skirts, long boho skirts and fitted pencil skirts. Testing the waters also with vintage denim jackets, one of my suppliers sent over the most gorgeous brown leather/vintage stonewash unisex biker jacket. A little confused with the sizing (the inner tag reads M for medium) but when I tried it on myself, it just swam all around my shoulders and arms so it's most likely a mens jacket BUT a large-XL womens could get away with it.

1980s vintage denim biker jacket

A few tips on buying and wearing vintage denim.

Buying it:

1) it's always a touch smaller than what is on the tag so if a seller provides measurements, ALWAYS measure yourself and compare.

2) Majority of vintage 1980's denim was made with no stretch. It would be a rarity to find jeans with stretch so keep this in mind when hunting for that perfect pair

3) 80's jeans were either tapered leg or super skinny. Thats where this new "boyfriend" leg style 1/2 rolled up comes from. The 90's style jeans will either be a wider straight leg or slightly more boot cut.

4) When hunting for high waisted denim, the crotch rise measurement should most always either be 11in or more.

5) Levis denim will always have the tan large leather label sewn onto the back and the red tab in the RH bum sheek. Unless from the late 90's, you may come across some styles with the red tab but missing the leather label. Always look for the little white label inside the hip.

Wearing it:

1) Vintage denim looks great with tee's and blouses tucked in at the waist. It allows for that butt and hip accentuation and gives a real hipster vibe

2) If you are going to take to your vintage Levis jeans with a pair of scissors to prepare for festival season, ALWAYS start cutting at least 5-6 inches from the bottom of back pocket, either pin or map out the desired length so that your shorts don't become 'too short' (I've heard of gals ruining jeans this way!)

3) Try to wash your denim as little as possible and if you do, wash in luke warm to cold water. I know, the thought of wearing a pair of jeans 20 times is a bit gross, but this will keep the cotton soft and worn in. The more you wash them the more rigid the denim becomes.

Denim is one of those articles of clothing which can seriously last for decades. I have a pair of vintage Levis which I adore and don't think I could part with (even with me fluctuating in weight over the last several years from having my baby girl!) With the correct care, your vintage denim can last until you are ready to hand it down to your own children!