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Spring is in the air.

January brought a burst of sales through my Etsy store which was a great incentive to start organizing the inventory for the beautiful warm weather which is sneaking in days here and there. It's officially still winter here in California, but the last 4 days has brought some bright sunny days and with it, the inkling to whip out the lighter weight clothing. Spring is certainly in the air!

A few years back, I tracked down an excellent seller of japanese vintage and thankfully, I've been able to reconnect and order a delightful assortment of dresses in all different prints, styles and all with elastic waistbands so they are really comfortable to wear. Most are beautiful classic styles, reminicent of the 1950's and 70's, some with feature white collars (which are detachable too!). From the few I have listed so far, a couple have flown out to their new owners. Good to know I am not the only one preparing for the summer months!

I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric in the latest batch as sometimes vintage polyester can be a bit hit or miss dependant of age. These dresses are flawless...meaning no holes / marks or any issues which is a rarity for most vintage frocks as they've been worn by previous owners. You have to sometimes expect that a garment may have it's imperfections so I am happy these are of a very high quality.

Where there is dense availibility of US vintage here, it seems that the japanese look featured in these pics is one which is sought after by the 18-35yr market here in the US. The fabrics are soft and of a high quality, unique prints and easy to wear styles. In particular the comfortable elastic waistbands which are a common feature of many Japanese dresses mean that it covers the lower abdomen nicely and we all know thats an area which most ladies squirm at in a figure hugging outfit.

Another great feature with a few of the Japanese vintage dresses I aquired is the detachable white collars which are attached via small press studs. These can be removed and washed or the dress can be worn without having the white collar attached for less conservative look. From the office to drinks at the pub, or even an afternoon picnic or coffee, there are so many opportunities to put on a pretty frock in the coming months.

It's been interesting trialling my garments on both Etsy and Depop platforms. Somtimes I may only post the one garment on the one platform to see how it performs (likes / comments) and then go from there. It seems the younger demographic on Depop is geared towards items like the vintage denim and the japanese vintage dresses. Etsy customers are the more traditional shoppers, looking for the really authentic collectible styles which are possibly one of's. The difference between the 2 sale platforms has enabled me to gain some valuable data on my customers and in turn I have been using this to my advantage across my social media platforms. The US market here for vintage is huge and I am pleased to say Ten/10 Vintage has surely had its best year so far online regarding sales with items being snapped up sometimes the day they are listed.