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The move to San Jose...

Now that we have moved and settled into our quaint little house in San Jose, it's nice to have a bit of time to reflect on the last 3-4 weeks (which mind you have been quite busy to say the least). I'll probably divvy it up over a couple of blog posts to capture the details of the last month or so just so the posts aren't too long. I believe the last blog I wrote was while we were still living in our corporate housing in Mountain View. Christian and myself were excited to secure our cute 3 bedroom little vintage-esque place in San Jose. It was the first actual house both of us had visited when we began looking for rentals in the area. From what we heard it was going to take longer to secure a rental that it actually took, not only because of the paperwork / payment process but due to the fact that the rental market here in the valley is hot and many people living here are from all around the world working for the big IT companies. The agent Dustin was super lovely and made the whole process quite relaxed for us. Our gorgeous place is located in what they call "Downtown" just off the main Alameda strip where there are many cafe's, shops and the only Bollywood cinema in the South Bay Area - just near the Rose Garden district.

he first night in our new place, we had Stella's portacot, our airbed and a few other things like portable fans. It was a hot 36 degrees that day and our place has no A/C so it was a little unbearable. That by far has been the most difficult day being here since we arrived. Even the jet lag was more manageable than being in an empty hot house with a toddler who didn't know what was going on! By the end of the first week, we had a little furniture we bought online get delivered, we bought a TV, and used the days to explore the area.

The one thing I absolutely love about our neighbourhood is our surrounding neighbours have lived here for 20-30+yrs. All have been so welcoming, stop to have a chat, love the fact that we have Stella and that we are Australians :) Most of the houses in our street were built in the 1920's and the styling of these reflect the era. Many houses were built high off the ground with semi-basements underneath. Our house has wooden floorboards through out with the floorboards restored only in the front living room, then carpet in the bedrooms (I'm ok with this as in winter I can imagine the draft from under the floorboards would be really cold!) In general, the owner spent some time re-storing the place after his mother passed away and it's great that he has kept the general vintage vibe - doors / handles / light fixtures etc through out. Below is one of my favourite houses on our street which is a few doors down...the victorian styling on the eaves and detail is just beautiful (and also a little creepy like out of a horror movie!)

A few weeks being in the new place, I decided to see if I could get back into the vintage swing while we waited for our shipment of furniture and my vintage range to arrive. I managed to source some beautiful 60's / 70's dresses from one of my Arizona suppliers. The postage was so affordable compared to what I was paying back home in Perth. One of the may perks of moving states side!

I was really impressed with the box of 30 dresses which came through. A few needed some minor repair here and there and some laundering, but overall, just gorgeous. So I ordered a mannequin bust from Amazon and away I went. Below are a few examples of the beauties which arrived and are now for sale in my Etsy shop and also on Depop.

Assorted dresses