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The lead up to our departure.

It's taken me a little while to finally sit down while having some baby free down-time to get to my blog again. What can I's been a pretty full on last 3 weeks. With some pre warning, the main crux of this post is not about vintage (well apart from the below tattoo) hehe. But I feel it's therapeutic for me to put into words how the last 3 weeks have been for my little family and me as the adjustment from working mum to full time mum has been quite overwhelming especially in a new country. Christian, Stella and myself stayed with my mum for a fortnight before we departed in North Perth and it was lovely to spend time with her, have afternoon strolls, grab some brunch and late coffees and also see my family. There were a couple of close friends kids 1st birthday parties which we attended (one had an animal farm which Stel absolutely loved!) and of course dinner catch ups with friends and Christians family too...we pretty much had something on every day. During this time, hubby advised me one of the tattoo artists down at Cherry Bomb Tattoo in North Perth had a free morning and "convinced" me to get a tattoo, mainly because I had be talking about getting my very first one covered up (it was a music note which I designed) but was dated and starting to fade and I just didn't like it anymore.

Tahlulah put together a retro swallow to cover the note. Worked perfectly and the swallow symbolises travel and new adventures (apparently with sailors back in the 30's / 40's it was a popular choice!) So I wandered down Thursday morning nervous and excited. Man, I don't know if I am getting softer in my older age, but this tattoo actually hurt more than my others. Maybe becoming a mum has softened me or lowered my pain threshold but I found myself wincing at the middle elbow bits and the small part on the inside of my arm. After an hour and a half, it was done...all in black, blues and yellow. I love the retro feel of it and it covered the old tattoo as well as the shape being really asymmetrical and fitting nicely to my arm. Below is the before and after.

In the lead up to our move, I managed to capture some pretty cute moments between Stella and our cat Smokie. I spent a few nights really just hugging, kissing and petting Smokes as she's been my fur baby really from the beginning - before I met Christian and she was there in my darkest moments back in 2008. She's been the best pet companion anyone could ask for (albeit the crazy 3am crazy cat scratching and meowing which I don't miss!) but thats all the fun of having a feline as a pet. In the rush to leave on the Sunday morning for our flights, I forgot to give Smoke a big cuddle and to this day, I feel just so god damn awful but my head was all over the place before we jumped into the car to head to the airport. I look back on these pics I captured of Smoke and Stel and treasure these. Mums taking very good care of her and she was very at home at mums place so I know she will be happy.

We were able to attend one of my close friends weddings. Amanda and Louis looked spectacular on their day and so in love, and to heighten the emotion of leaving all our loved friends, their wedding was the night before we flew out. I wore a navy blue swing dress with black velvet polka dots, black petticoat and Alanah Hill mohair cardigan. Simple and comfortable. It was a fun evening and we loved having some good quality time with our dearest. Danced, had some silly photo booth pics and the food was delicious. When the time came to farewell everyone, I was a ball of emotion and couldn't contain myself. Many hugs were shared and tears had. Very happy to have witnessed such a beautiful union.

Finally... the airport. Well...that was full on. Felt like we hardly had anytime to sit and think. Our friends Leanne, Bruce and their wee one Sophia made the trip to say farewell which was so lovely! Christians family were there as well...but because there was so much happening, it was hard to take it all in. Before we knew it we were whisked into the departure customs area and then onto our flight. Thankfully in the rush, we somehow got pics. Below are Leanne, Bruce, Sophia and us. Not sure what Christian was looking at and Stel was not interested in photos at that point :) So that I don't make this blog too long, I'll leave it there for now.

Next instalment: California...touchdown!