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It's been a while between frocks!

I asked a friend colleague of mine today "Is blogging still around? Like to people actually still read blogs or have followers?" We went on to talk about our favourite mum blogs, creative blogs and how some readers really engage personally with the blogger. I decided to ask the same question of my husband while we were walking to the car from work, and with that, and his take into the lost creative outlet for writers was the fact that people want instant access and gratification these days to revolving content and information, which has happened with the rush of social media over the last 3 to 4 years (Twitter / facebook etc). So I guess if you enjoy reading, writing or editing in your own time and have an interest in a blog topic or passion or hobby, then blogging may be for you! :)

Seeing that my last updates here were from 2012, I'd firstly like to apologise! Don't little vintage venture is still alive and strong. I took a hiatus for 18 months to become a mum and our beautiful happy daughter Stella Marie was born on the new years eve of 2013. That year I really enjoyed being pregnant. In fact, it was really such a joyous time. Apart from a few stresses at my day job, I had never felt more happier. Maybe the fact that i had a strawberry addiction for the whole 9 months had something to do with it lol. I managed to fit in 2 vintage markets in 13, but the August market was quite a tiring one being 5 months pregnant. Needed help from the husband carrying stock and wheeling the racks. So I decided from Sept / Oct to tone back selling to try and fit in a few months of rest before Stella arrived.

2014 was a bit of a sleepless blur. To be expected with any first time parent, I think we truly didn't know what we were in for. The first weeks were a haze. You don't know how or when you have managed 2+hrs sleep, baby constantly feeding, barely managing to make us food or do simple things like washing. I was hobbling around after a C section, wondering when some form of normality would return. Thinking back was a weird unknown time, but we all made it through. Stella is now a babbling walking smiley toddler. Once I managed to gain 5-7hrs sleep back, I thought I'd give my Polka Dot Market in 2015 a try. I had invested in a shipment of cowboy boots in November 2014, and even though they were a little slow off the mark to sell on my ETSY shop, April's Polka Dot market saw me sell 8 pairs!

Knowing I had one of Perths biggest Vintage market events coming up, I decided to take a few drastic actions:

1) Start the Ten/10 Vintage Instagram account! The launch was a great success, and I managed around 40 followers in the space of 3 days. Not too bad. Still getting the use of hashtags, but it seems that I have some fellow Perth vintage pioneers also using this platform to get their customer base on board. You can find it by searching: ten10_Vintage 2) Order in some fresh new denim from one of my US suppliers based in Philadelphia. What a treasure that little box was! Filled with Levi's, LEE, some excellent 80's style high waisted skirts and a few oversize navajo jackets, I managed to sell the lot! The teens were loving the boyfriend jeans and there were a few euro travellers who really dug the high waisted 80's skirts.

So denim and boots were the rage for April's market. Although very exhausted after that weekend, I felt like I was back on the vintage horse and galloping into a very retro sunset hehe.

And I completed these markets knowing some pretty exciting info which you'll learn about in future posts.