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The start of my vintage wardrobe

Aound 4 to 5 years back in the spring time (around October), I heard through a friend that there was this neat little section of shops in Inglewood on Beaufort street which sold recycled goods and vintage fashion. I thought one Saturday afternoon I would go and check it out. Winifred and Bance was a quaint little store, which housed some great sale priced items on the rack outside the shop. Entering the shop - was like diving into a vintage gold mine! Beautiful shirts, dresses, skirts, scarfs, jewellery - you name it, this store had it. I think I left there that day spending around $150 and had my first assortment of items which would become my new 'vintage' wardrobe.

I have memories of proudly wearing a few of items such as an 80's red with black pinstripe Japanese blouse or a 70's vivid floral button front dress and close friends ooo-ing and ahhhing over them. Thats when I thought to myself "why should I look like every mainstream fashion trend out there?" The one of a kind pieces were eye catching and made a statement and I felt proud owning things I knew were most likely one of a kind still in rotation. Around 6 months later, I travelled to Melbourne to visit a school friend and whilst there, also went on a bit of a vintage spree. I discovered Retro Star Vintage - upstairs corner of swanston street and little Collins street. As soon as you walk into this shop - you sneeze - from ALL the polyester! Leather skirts, prarie skirts, jackets, dresses, you name it....all line the racks. This store was far more impressive than anything I had seen previously in Perth. I recall purchasing a beautiful 80s leather pencil skirt (which I still wear) and a number of dresses and one of my favorite winter jackets - brown bauble knit with speckles and a hood. I left Melbourne that time with a suitcase of vintage goodies, feeling like I had hit the jackpot.