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1940's vintage fashion

TYou will be hard pressed to find Vintage items from the 1940's as this was the era known as "fashion on a ration". Due to the world war, it was near impossible for European countries to receive and aquire fabrics. In particular florals or fabrics of colour. Back then, the most any commoner or middle class citizen could afford was one new outfit per year. Most efforts were spent in ensuring Army's had suitable war attire which meant that the fashion suit followed.

Ladies in the forties (if they could afford clothing) mainly wore box style fitting suits, made from heavy fabrics and most were not colourful as dyes were rare, factories were shut down due to fear of bombings and to be wearing anything of vivid colour, unfashioable. Evening wear was non existent due to the restrictions of opulence caused by the war and curfues placed on cities. Claire McCardell began the movement in which she designed pieces for women which were easy to wear and mix and match separates. She is most famous for her Monastic collection which she produced in 1938.

1940's tailored suit