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How did my love for fashion begin?

I began my working career when I was 18 (so so many years ago) in the fashion industry. I managed to get a job somehow, which MOST young girls would die for - at a fashion wholesaler in the Perth CBD.

It happened as I wanted to get a bit of work experience under my belt by helping out at a city boutique called Angel Hearts. Most Perth ladies will know the store - it was owned by a lady called Rita and she had the business for a good 10 years, before it folded up last year.

From there, she found that this particular wholesaler needed extra help for a casual position. I didn't really apply, just went in, said I loved clothes, fashion and voila! Got the job! The lady who owned the business was Di. She reminded me of a 1930's Hollywood movie star. With shiny blonde gold curly locks, always wearing red lipstick, dressed impeccably. She had a kind nature but wasn't scared to tell you what she thought. I liked that kind of honesty and at my young age, well - i wasn't in tune to the ways of the working girl! Di had a 2IC who also looked after the business - Karina. Karina was a lovely lady too....softly spoken, great with customers and a go getter (even though so quiet). We worked together for around 3 years before she left to work for her fathers business. I seemed to hink she wanted more money which is why she left. It was sad....but people do what they have to. I loved my job, selling clothes to fashion boutiques and selling ranges - we had Tightrope, Fashion Babe and a few other labels which stores could only buy through us.

Karina was replaced with Grace, a lively italian lady who used to work for one of our customers. Grace and I hit it off and she too was a go getter. Loved fashion, had a great eye for the styles and fabrics Di wanted made up and ordered. She ended up taking over majority of selling the ranges to customers when we aquired Seduce, Bluejuice and a few others. I stayed there for another 3 years. Had my ups and downs with the boss...ended up working for their retail chain. But in the end, I felt a career progression was in order - I felt like I was merely a box unpacker. Sure, it was nice getting clothes wholesale, but hey - after 6 years, a girl could only have so many new clothes! I decided to leave and go study music. So fashion has always been in the blood...and once in the rag trade, always in the rag trade. Many years have passed, and it seems Vintage fashion as a hobby has now re-kindled my love for clothes...but more so, the styles which have influenced what we wear today, some at a fraction of the cost we pay for new items.