About me

Originally from Perth Western Australia, I began my interest in vintage fashion back in 2009/2010 when I bought unique one off items to wear out and about. My love for the styles from era's past grew and after acquiring a rather large collection, I decided to start my own vintage clothes business as a hobby.


Ten/10 Vintage has taught me so much...not only from carefully selecting & sourcing unique stock, but also learning about my customer base, growing my online presence through social media and becoming savy when it comes to product placement, photography and copywriting.


I write this blog as a creative outlet, to talk about my love for vintage fashion and share my knowledge on how to become a handy thrifter. I currently live in San francisco California with my husband and 3yr old daughter. For those wishing to contribute or feature their product on my blog, please head over to my contact page, leave your details and I'll be in touch.

Tenille xo